Risk Management

This workshop focuses on the key elements of risk management, why proactive risk management is critical for project success, and how to implement a positive approach to identifying and managing risks. The main focus of the presentation is to provide attendees with the skills and ability to encourage team members to view risk management as a positive and important part of project planning. The presentation includes discussion and dialog among participants and introduces techniques for managing risk through playing the popular Project Risk Game. This is a highly interactive workshop and includes a review of common risk management terminology as described in the PMBOK Guide ® and provides techniques for practical effective risk management on most projects.

This program is delivered as a half day workshop that includes the use of the Project Risk Management board game, designed to be played in teams of 4 or 5 members per game board. For an audience size of approximately 20 attendees you will need two dual game board sets. We can tailor this workshop to weave in scheduling, communications and execution depending on the focus of your meeting.
In addition to the facilitated workshop, we will provide a one on one “Train the Trainer” session included in this price so that your trainer will be prepared to conduct future workshops in-house.

What are the Learning Outcomes?
How to perform project management in a dynamic and changing scenario, including outside influences, instead of in a static environment.
To be proactive in risk management.
How to negotiate project decisions amongst team members.
To be able to remember and use all of the negative risk strategies (mitigate, avoid, transfer, and accept)
To be able to remember and use all of the opportunities strategies (exploit, enhance, share, and accept)
To value, identify and utilize risk triggers.
To be sensitized to the secondary risks caused by implementing initial strategies.
To build discipline in the risk communication process.
To add discipline to the responsibilities of using project risk logs and project issues logs.
Understand the project management teams responsibilities.
To analyze impact scores and probabilities.
To discuss risk tolerances.
To appreciate strategies that may exist external to the project team (rewarding creative problem solving)


“I have used the “Project Risk Game” with much success over the past few years, whilst I teach Project Management classes. Going by the positive reviews after the training, Delegates really enjoy this fun mode of learning.. In addition to their feedback, I can see that Delegates benefit from the opportunity to learn in a realistic way about project leadership, decision-making, risk evaluation, problem-solving, anticipation and planning, and other useful project management knowledge areas. I can highly recommend this simulation to all those who teach Project Management – a great teaching and learning tool!”