Leadership & Communication

Every good employer knows that providing career-building training for their employees also grows the health of their company/agency.  Your Local City, Inc. will create customized training solutions specifically tailored to your situation.

We understand the importance of advancing from within to help continue the culture of your company/agency. That advancement, promoted by those they respect, creates a feeling of loyalty in your employees.

When they develop these important skills and work to move the company forward, employees feel that this is their time to shine!

The Focus:

Top Speaking Skills achieved through actual exercises and training by some of the top speakers in the world.  No more stodgy, antiquated speaking and communication that doesn’t fit the modern proficiencies/skills/abilities/expertise they need to make an impact.

Communication is not just the ability to get across a piece of information but rather to enhance the entire situation so that everyone is on one plain and achieving the desired goal.  Especially in the world of difference of gender, ethnicity, age and others, how do you communicate not just effectively but where all parties understand and feel heard?  This is a key skill we embark on during the whole training.

Leadership is often just coined as a part of management. But without leadership abilities, the team does not perform well. Or at all.

Everyone needs to enhance and grow as a person, a team mate and as a leader to advise, direct and supervise projects that they are a part of.  At the same time, growing to achieve a better relationship with others will continue to advance them within the organization itself.  This is a true win-win for all.