Image Impact

Presentation is responsible in building a reputation with existing customers and making a first impression with potential clients. Ensure your professional or company image is working overtime. Professional image is the image that one projects about themselves and their company based upon appearance, communication and reputation. Image can be conveyed as professional by the way that you dress, the way that you speak, the way that you respond to others, and the way that others speak about you. In today’s diverse work place, your actions and motives are constantly under scrutiny. There are many contributing factors to developing a well-respected professional image. This can be your marketing materials, website, email signature, which should all be clean and professional as this represents your brand.

Organizations who will be primed to succeed with the next generation of professionals also understand the importance of the image and presentation of their employees as integral to their company brand. Being a professional in your field and building an organization with an impeccable reputation takes a lot more than just doing good work. Reputation starts from the ground up, with client-facing employees and services taking the lead.

Employees who feel valued by their employers demonstrate higher levels of job satisfaction, are more likely to reach key performance indicators, and remain with a company for a longer period of time. Ensure that employee image, communication, dress code and more are presenting the best of themselves and your organization cohesively with brand messaging.

In this training, your staff will receive developmental instruction in the “ABCD” key characteristics of professional image and presentation.

1. Appearance: Employees will learn how to dress in a manner that reflects both the professional standards of your specific industry, while reflecting their personal style. Discussion over work appropriate attire, color palettes, fit of clothing and care of clothing. Instruction in how to dress for their personal body type while maintaining a refined presentation as well as which clothing pieces to invest in and a shopping guide that is helpful on any salary. We will also present options for professional grooming for a cohesive employee image.

2. Balance: The up-and-coming generation of aspiring professionals, and additional populations, often need instruction on how to demonstrate reliability and stay true to their word. We will discuss how to balance work projects so as not to overextend oneself and how to communicate expectations effectively in addition to how to practice self-care will also be covered to address the widespread issue of employee burnout and work-life balance.

3. Communication: More than 85% of our communication as human beings in conveyed through non-verbal cues. Body language, tone of voice, posture, inflection, facial expressions and more come together as a symphony of messaging. Your employees will learn how to adapt and refine their communication with non-verbal cues and body language through interactive exercises and instruction. Staff will also receive training on how to make written correspondence and phone communication increasingly professional.

4. Demeanor: Professional demeanor should exude confidence but not arrogance. We discuss the fine line between demonstrating competence and assertiveness while remaining courteous. This key characteristic also includes instruction on conflict resolution and maintaining poise in difficult situations or when working with difficult individuals.

Through Image Cohesion Development, we will work together to refine the professional appearance, communication, and presentation of your organization. Increase both career fulfillment and customer experience with a presentation entirely customized to the scope, scale, industry and objectives of your organization.


“YLC Trainer’s superpower is her ability to translate concepts at a level everyone can connect with.”

“Training our employees on improving their image has had a monumental impact on our sales and customer satisfaction.”