Gamification is a new concept that is taking companies into the new world of employee retention and project completion.

Concept: For anyone under the age of 50, we have grown up our whole lives satisfying a need to win.  Be the best, come out on top, be a leader; however, companies are still trying to work in the same ideas of what a business environment should be.

We have been taught our whole life to play a game, complete a goal, upgrade to the next level to achieve an upgrade or prize and eventually complete a task.  So how do we take this concept and implement it into the work force?  And Why?

I just stated the facts of what we are expecting to do and achieve in a very short time.  So to tell someone that their next promotion could be 5 years from now, the answer is “Bye!”  We want immediate satisfaction… even in the work place.

So for companies and government agencies to keep their employees… not even just employed but Happy… WAIT, did you know…

FACT: 85% of People Hate Their Jobs, Gallup Poll Says:

So how is your business or agency doing?

So NEW Concept…  Gamification.  To create a Game Type Environment to achieve goals for the company/agency AND for the Employee!

Most gamification has been done in the relation to customers.  Gamifying their buying experience to make it more fun and more likely they will buy.

Gamification of a work place works like this:

  1. Creation of clear goals and objectives
    1. Create clear goals for that specific day, week, month, year
    2. Clear up confusion on what their personal objectives for their specific day, week, month, year is
    3. Develop exciting and achievable rewards that are designed entice the correct emotional response
  2. Rewards are focused on the 4 different “Reward Expressions©”
    1. Words of Appreciation and Affirmation
    2. Value of Time and Friendship
    3. Gifts and Tangibles
    4. Ability of being of Service

Once these 2 sections are created, then there is implementation.  This is where both the employee and the management gets to stay involved with each other to achieve the company/agency goals.

With software or a phone app that is custom created for YOUR business or government agency, you can track how a project is coming along.  Who the players are in this endevour and what progress is taking place.  Weak links are quickly spotted and able to switch out so that the project stays on track.

Can a Non-Project based part or your business or agency be gamified too?  Of course, all “Jobs” need a well defined “goal” even if it is the same task each day.  For example, a secretary could be set to achieve better customer service goals or functionality in the work environment.

Whatever your highest achievement for your entire team, gamifiying it clearly sets up the whole environment to move forward with smiles, a betters sense of accomplishment and clear defined objectives and most importantly allows the culture of the company/agency to thrive with progress and pride.

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